Providing Life-Saving Support

COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate, but its disproportionate effect on those with pre-existing health conditions and limited access to proper hygiene, medical care and proper nourishment is undeniable.

This is the vulnerable population Pope Francis Center is dedicated to serving throughout this pandemic – Detroiters experiencing homelessness. As the city makes headlines across the country as a virus “hot spot,” the modifications we’re making to safely deliver our services to a growing number of people are drastically straining our budget. Since the start of this pandemic, we have jumped from serving 200 to nearly 300 guests and providing 400 to 600 meals each day.

Pope Francis Center has faithfully served Detroiters experiencing chronic homelessness for 30 years and we’re working tirelessly to continue providing each and every guest with the food, warmth and compassion they so desperately need during an otherwise harrowing time. While other nonprofits are being forced to greatly reduce or completely stop service during this pandemic, thanks to the strength and support of our community the Pope Francis Center is resolute in continuing our mission.

In just the first few weeks of providing emergency relief, additional costs to feed, serve and empower Detroiters experiencing homelessness exceeded $45,000. Before we can return to regular service, those additional costs have grown to $72,000 per month. Join us in the fight to ensure that the needs of Detroit’s most vulnerable are met during this crisis.


The Pope Francis Center is providing 3,600 individually packaged, nutritious meals each week.

We are accepting donations of individually packaged foods and supplies, like:

Water | Juice | Granola Bars | Plastic Cutlery | Disposable Cups with Lids

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In line with public health guidelines, the Pope Francis Center is offering:
Hygiene: 24/7 access to 4 port-a-johns and 3 handwashing stations | 6-stall mobile shower unit
Warmth: heated tents for respite from the cold
Daily Medical Care: including monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms
Essential Clothing: socks, underwear, gloves, blankets, hats

In addition to professional PPE and handmade masks, we are accepting donations of:
New Blankets & Cold Weather Gear | Feminine Hygiene Products | Travel-Sized Hygiene Products, Over-the-Counter Medications & Vitamins

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YOU can empower Pope Francis Center in feeding and serving Detroiters experiencing homelessness during these harrowing times.

Currently all donations are being matched up to $270,000 through the generosity of the Ford Motor Company Fund, Magna and the Bartush Family Foundation.

Help us continue our mission with a monetary donation.

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Hope in Harrowing Times

As threat of the COVID-19 pandemic rises, the Pope Francis Center is seeing a growing demand for food, basic hygiene, shelter and medical attention. We’re seeing many new faces at the Center each day, including families with children who no longer receive meals at school.

At the start of the pandemic, we shifted from communal indoor dining to distributing our nutritious meals street-side in individual individually, pre-packaged servings, which guests can also eat outdoors at recommended distances from one another.

We installed four heated tents to offer guests respite from the cold in the parking lot across from the facility. And in an effort to support necessary hygiene for our guests, we’ve also installed four outdoor port-a-johns, three handwashing stations and most recently, a six-stall mobile shower unit.

We anticipate this demand will rise in the days and weeks ahead as more people and families are impacted by COVID-19. We are dedicated to further modifying our operations to serve and protect Detroiters in need.

Adhering to Government Regulations

The Pope Francis Center is committed to closely following CDC and MDHHS health and safety guidelines for the safety of our staff and guests, including wearing personal protective equipment in food preparation and in serving guests, following proper food distribution guidelines, recommendations for social distancing in our communal spaces and providing wash stations for our guests.

We continue to take temperatures for all guests utilizing our services and are working closely with the City of Detroit to transfer individuals who present COVID-19 symptoms to the proper medical facilities for testing, observation and treatment.